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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A minute in the life of a street kid

These pictures capture about sixty seconds in the life of a street child, a little girl who was engrossed in a small plastic paper packet. Sixty seconds is the time the light took to turn red.

This cute little girl with a very poignant face gave us a quick glance as the car halted, but otherwise she was least interested.

Street kid

She was more interested in rummaging through a paper packet and we were curious as to what she was doing.

Street kid on Indian street

She seems to be threading something. Maybe a necklace?

poor little girl

She has threaded a pendant into a thick black thread and seems quite thrilled with her achievement,

Girl on street

Here she is, examining the pendant closely. She appears to love it! Small pleasures!

Street child

She is back to rummaging in the packet. And the little shiny pendant can now be seen clearly.

Street child playing

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