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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Stupid and funny advertisements

Some advertising is not just stupid and senseless, it is so stupid that it makes one laugh.
This one for example! Can anyone be so blatantly stupid? Saw this silly hoarding somewhere near Mahabaleshwar or Panchgani a few years back. This Sherbaug theme park still exists but I am sure not because of their stupid advertising.

Bad Billboard

This billboard or hoarding spoils the natural surroundings with its ugliness but that's not all. What do melons have to do with Pan Masala? The flavours they claim are of kesar and elaichi so I don't see the connection with water melons. Pan Masala is neither watery, nor fresh. Misleading advertising! In any case, this poisonous substance is banned now.

Pan Masala hoarding

Global Obesity Warning this poster (which advertises the services of an obesity consellor one presumes) in Chennai says. Makes no sense at all. At best, it's funny.

Obesity advertisement

This hoarding may not be stupid, but it is certainly strange. Babies drink coffee? And why is the baby with the moustache? It was actually very funny because it made no sense! Or maybe it was because I did not understand the copy, which was in Tamil.

coffee hoarding

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