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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Illegal number plates

In India the law is more often on paper. A simple legal requirement of correct number plates for motor vehicles is not followed. And ironically it is the law makers themselves who break the laws most often. It is as if they have a separate legal code for themselves. Clearly India is a democracy only in name. In reality we have a feudal system. Perhaps not as bad as some middle eastern and african countries, but feudal just the same. These number plates are not just to satisfy the egos of politicians but also to ensure that any other violated traffic laws are NOT easily traced back to their vehicle. These types of vehicles are more likely to break other traffic laws.

Written in fancy lettering, this number plate in Devanagari script is illegal. It should be MH04 GM201. As the little red flag reveals, this vehicle belongs to someone in a political party.

number plate wrong

This car has brazen added the words MLA to the number plate, clearly to intimidate policemen and the public.

This one is an older photograph, but it is also a politician's car.

These numbers which are supposed to be 4141 look like the word "dada" in devanagari script. Height of stupidity. Dada means don.

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