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Monday, September 2, 2013

Toilet Humor

Definitely something an Indian village would be proud of. Everyone uses toilets in this little village. No open defecation. The sign says its proudly. That the village is free of shitting in the open and that is a step towards good health. A drainage system is in place and people have toilets here. Progress for this little town in Maharashtra.

sign proclaiming that there is no open defecation

Wrong English but punny. Blatant I would say, this banner in Kerala.

No pissing sign in South India

Switzerland is no stranger to funny signs, only that this Mc Clean Sign which lets you know what they charge for using their toilets is not really funny because they actually demand more money if you are going to do number two, use the WC as they call it. Considering that you have to pay upfront, before you go in, it's a little awkward don't you think. I used this facility once, the 1 Fr. one for the Pisso as they call it, but a fat old lady had her ear to the door, to ensure that I was doing the job I paid for! A little sickening huh. Perverted, but funny!

McClean toilet charges

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