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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Security for politicians in India

Traffic jams on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway ghat section are a common occurrence, but it is for the common man to endure them. God knows who the fancy politician or VIP was, but the minute we came across the traffic hurdle, out popped his security team. There were so many of these guys in blue, holding sten guns and whatnot, that we lost count. Government obviously as a police jeep with a senior police officer was around too.

What do you think they were doing? They were in constant touch with the Expressway authorities to get the traffic cleared. Here is a photograph of two security men and a police officer busy on their cell phones trying to clear the traffic. Now, if only the common man had access to such a hotline. Security men and policemen available not just for clearing the traffic but to curtail the rising crime in India.

police security for VIP

A security guy with an automatic weapon. Makes one wonder who the VIP was.

security men with sten guns for politicians in India

They were not very successful in clearing the traffic quickly as there was an accident ahead. However, we did get out of it earlier than we would have if it wasn't for the police. I guess politicians are royalty and the expressway authorities actually worked to get the jam cleared as quickly as possible.

policemen in khaki helping politicians clear traffic jams

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