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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Crime Statistics in India

These crime statistics from the National Crime Records Bureau of India are for the public.

Murder and rape are common crimes, but kidnappings are much more. Shockingly there are more  riots in India than other crimes! 68000 riots as against 34305 murders in 2011. And we all know who are behind riots - political parties! Looks like criminal elements are disproportionately present in political parties. And I am sure all riots are not even registered.

Under - reporting of crime is rampant and that thought is frightening. It's not just crimes against women which are under-reported, but also assaults and burglaries. While there is no figure given for assaults, we can assume that the attempt to murder (31385) are serious assaults. Minor assaults are not even listed! Actually, if one counts all assaults, these are usually over 100 times higher than homicides and in India they the figure would go into crores of assaults every year!

table of crime statistics of India 2011

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