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Monday, February 25, 2013

Views from the Mumbai Pune Expressway Ghat section

These are some spectacular views and sunsets from the Western Ghat section of the Mumbai Pune Expressway.

This is a panormaic image (three photographs combined into one) with the Expressway on the left of the image and the mountains and hills of the western ghats on the right and in the background.

panoramic view from the Mumbai Pune Expressway

This is a single image giving a panoramic view of a sunset on the mountains of the western ghat. The Mumbai-Pune Expressway is in the foreground and the hills and the sun and the sky in the background.

sunset on the mountains of the ghat section of the Mumbai Pune Expressway

A picture showing how crowded the Western Ghat becomes and it becomes a little risky at sundown. The road in the ghat section is narrow and vehicles always try to overtake one another. It can be quite treacherous as often larger vehicles drive on the right side blocking other motorists.

jam packed highway in the mountainous terrain

A clean image of the western ghats from the Mumbai-Pune Expressway.

The ghat section of the Mumbai Pune Expressway

A long shot of the winding road through the mountains of the Western Ghats in Western Maharashtra between Mumbai and Pune.

The Mumbai Pune Expressway in the Western Ghats

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