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Monday, January 21, 2013

Mumbai Pune Expressway

These are photos of the Mumbai Pune Expressway, the official name of which is the Yashwantrao Chavan Mumbai Pune Expressway. It is a six-lane concrete highway, just under a 100 kms long and India's first such type of road.

It has a toll which keeps rising every year just like the accidents.

Hardly anyone follows the traffic rules and there are no policemen to be seen. This expressway connect Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra to Pune, which is a bustling industrial and educational city. Unfortunately most drivers have no idea how to use this beautiful expressway. Their vehicles are ill-maintained and the drivers rash and no rules are followed. Its shocking but trucks and buses have no qualms driving on the right lane. Trucks don't even have tail lights and the policemen don't care.

The pretty dividers do not stop speeding vehicles from crossing over and crashing into the other side.

six laned mumbai pune expressway

The expressway going off into the distance and the tunnels are seen at the end of it.

long shot of mumbai pune expressway

A part of the Mumbai Pune expressway.

stretch of the mumbai pune expressway

This stretch of the Mumbai Pune Expressway is nearer Mumbai.

mumbai pune expressway

The route is pretty scenic.

a part of the pune mumbai expressway

A bridge on the expressway near Lonavala.

bridge on the mumbai pune expressway

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