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Monday, January 28, 2013

Close ups of Ajanta's exteriors

These rock-cut caves near Aurangabad in India are a world heritage site and fairly well preserved. These 30 caves represent Buddhism. Although much of it has been eroded by the sands of time, it is worth a see. The  fact that they have been preserved since the fifth century B.C. is amazing. They lie inside a horseshoe shaped gorge, and a reason they were protected from the the harsh vagaries of nature. The caves are a fine example of ancient Buddhist architecture. These images show what the exteriors are like in general, and are just a sample. In actuality many of temples can be double storeyed and spread out over a large area.

An example of what the exterior of an Ajanta cave can look like.

beautiful sculptures at Ajanta in Aurangabad

Some type of Buddhist monastery at Ajanta.

Buddhist monastery at Ajanta Caves in Aurangabad, India

Amazing how the ancients managed to carve such a thing of beauty into the dark rock.

Buddhist art at Ajanta caves

A closer look at the sculpted exteriors of the Ajanta caves at Aurangabad.

sculptures on exterior walls of Ajanta caves

Temples carved into the hard rock of the western ghats.

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