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Monday, July 18, 2011

Road-side food stalls or street food

These photographs are of road-side food vendors or street food on the streets of India. The first one is of a small eatery on the pavement. It provides different food items ranging from snacks like omelettes and bhujia to tea and coffee. When it's hot it's usually hygienic as it's fried.

roadside food stall

This image was caught from a speeding car and there is some motion blur evident in the photo. It shows a group of youngsters snacking on bhel and other snacks at a road-side food stall in Pune. It is not always healthy to eat street food. If you have to eat on the streets, best to eat something cooked or fried in front of you.

young people eating street food

Eating bhutta or roasted corn cobs from the road side stalls is very common in India. Coal is used to roast the corn. These are a group of young girls enjoying this tasty snack. The bhutta is sprinkled with salk and chilli or chat powder to make it tasty. It's usually clean and hygienic to eat like this.

young girls eating bhutta corn on the roadside

Sliced fruits which are left uncovered are often sold by vendors. If flies and other insects get on it before you do (not to mention the dirt and dust!) then there is a likelihood of a stomach infection.

sliced fruit exposed to the air

This is a juice stall on the pavements of Mumbai. The mixie or food processor filled with fruit can be seen in the background of his trolley or cart. You can see how the juice vendor is washing the utensils. It is unlikely that he cleans his equipment properly. However patron don't seem to care! Even though this is a sure way to get jaundice or gastroenteritis!

unhygienic fruit juice on the streets

This man selling lemon juice on the pavement near Fort or Fountain has a cleaner place. However, as there is no running water it is unlikely that proper hygiene is being maintained. A big block of ice is on the left of his cart. A food stall selling wada pav is in the background. (This photo was shot two years ago)

lemon juice on the streets

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