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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Country Roads in India

These are photographs of country roads or country scenes in Rural India. All the pictures are taken in the state of Maharashtra.

This is a lonely figure of a young boy walking along a winding country road.  The photo has been shot at dusk.
boy on country road in India

This photo is of two bailgadis or bullock carts ambling along a country road amongst green fields. It is a bright sunny day.
bullock carts on country roads in India

This road runs through a sparse jungle.
country road amidst trees

This country road in the Kamshet district of Maharashtra is not as well paved as the other ones. The picture was shot at dusk and the pink sky and a hill forms a background to the road. A woman walks along the narrow road, carrying sticks on her head. In the distance you can see a couple of men walking along.
woman carrying sticks on country road

Another country road through cultivated fields. Some crops (rice and sugarcane) are being grown here on the farmlands on either side of the road. A jeep can be seen at the far end of the road. Usually on rural roads you see cycles, bullock-carts, motor-cycles or jeeps.
rural road through farmlands

A road going up a small hill. A bullock cart makes its way along the steep and winding road.

bullock cart on hill road in rural India

A plethora of white ferns lining a country road in Kamshet district in Maharashtra. The road is quite bad, full of pot holes.
bad road lined with ferns in rural India

For more photographs of Rural India (People, farms, fields, bullock carts, women) click here: Rural India


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  2. Thanks for the comment Anil. It's nice to have someone appreciate my work.


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