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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

English Newspapers in India - Images

These are pictures of different English newspapers in India. Some are screen shots, and others actual photographs of newspapers. The photos were taken some time ago and are not the latest issues. Despite being a couple of years old, if one did not take into account the news about Beijing Olympics, one can say nothing much has changed in India! Scams, Politics, Maoists and Kashmir!

Here is the Delhi-based Hindustan Times which is published from several cities in India. It is a national newspaper.

The Hindustan Times Delhi

Another national newspaper, The Times of India, Mumbai based. It is said to be the largest circulated English daily in India. It tends to present sensational news and people hate it, but still buy it! In my opinion, too many of its columnists write boring and/or stupid columns, and are there because they are veteran journalists or celebs.

Times of India

The tabloid given free with The Times of India.
Mumbai Mirror

Another Mumbai tabloid, Midday.

Midday Mumbai

The Indian Express is a national newspaper. In my opinion it toes the government's line a little too much. Some of its columnists are good however.
The Indian Express

The Hindu from Chennai has its share of criticism too, and has been accused of bias and being pro-China.

The Hindu

This is a regional English newspaper, the Kashmir Times, published from Jammu and Kashmir.
Kashmir Times

The Assam Tribune (epaper image was not available) is another English regional newspaper, from Assam.
Assam Tribune

Another English regional newspaper from the East, The Telegraph, Kolkata.
The Telegraph Kolkata

The Asian Age is a national newspaper.
Asian Age

The Deccan Herald, Bangalore, is a regional newspaper from Karnataka.

Deccan Herald Bangalore

The Daily News and Analysis (DNA) is from Mumbai.

DNA Daily News and Analysis

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