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Monday, July 11, 2011

Cowherds in Rural India

These are photographs of people herding cattle in rural India. The first few photos are shot in rural Maharashtra. 
In the first photo there is a rural woman in a green sari and red blouse herding two buffaloes on a country road near her village. The photo was shot through a windscreen.

woman cowherd

On this country road two young boys in brightly coloured clothes are walking their cows. The younger generation in India, whether rural or urban, has taken to wearing western clothes, that too in bright colors. The traditional colour for male attire in India is white.

cattle boys

A pretty picture of the Indian country-side. Cowherds herding the cows.

cows being herded by cowherd

This beautiful photograph shows the wide country landscape, the rural Indian country-side, as a backdrop to this cattle herder. The photo was taken on the outskirts of Nasik, Maharashtra.  As it was shot on a cell phone, the clarity is not as good as that of the other pictures. The man is herding cows as well as goats towards the river on a dirt track.

cattle herder

A man walking with his two cow and bull near his sugarcane field. The sky is blue, the field is greed and the cattle is white. The different colours make a pretty picture.

man with his cows

A cowherd on the outskirts of Chennai, in Tamil Nadu, a state in Southern India. The Tamil man is wearing the traditional lungi worn by rural folk.

tamil cowherd

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  1. In the Shiva Mantras of Sri Rudram the scene is described of cowherds and others going out to graze , work in early morning seeing the beneneficial rays of the sun. It describes Divinity in all forms--
    Dawn-- Sunrise- Sky colours of the Morning .
    Thanks you
    CaptTR Retd.


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