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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Truck Cleaners and Drivers

These are the kind of scenes - the truck drivers, the colourful trucks and the cleaners which are very typical of India. The cleaner is the truck drivers man friday and cleans the truck and also acts like his assistant in signalling overtaking vehicles or helping the driver park.

The truck cleaner here is lighting up a bidi (cigarette).

A truck cleaner.

portrait of a truck cleaner

A smiling truck cleaner.  Note the colorful painted truck. A bright pink front section!

truck cleaner

Truck cleaner smiling

Even if the truck is white there are innovative ways to make it look fiesty and colorful. Pictures of film stars for example. And colourful cloths tied to the truck also make it more visible. Here, a little boy is the cleaner of the truck.

Boy truck cleaner

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