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Monday, April 28, 2014

Istriwala or Istrivala

Whether you want to call him your next door istrivala (istriwala) or a manual laundromat, these are a typical sight in every corner of India. These guys have a home delivery service, picking up and dropping off your clothes but their expertise is questionable and there are no guarantees that your clothes will return in the shape you gave them. Ironing clothes for ₹ 3/- to ₹ 5/- each. Some have irons operating on coal like the one in the pictures and others could do the work in tiny hovels with electricity. There is also the issue of hygiene. At times the clothes can return with bed bugs or other insects and also stains which never come off.

However more often than not your clothes return just fine, specially if you have a reliable istrivala. So choose well!

Ironing of clothes by a istriwala

Ironing clothes

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