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Monday, October 21, 2013

Sayings from the Buddha Pagoda

These are quotes and spiritual sayings of Dhamma, which have been put up on the Buddha Pagoda at Manori, near Mumbai. A pity that the English translation is poor.
There are least a hundred such sayings put up all around the Pagoda. Framed in large gold decorated frames, these sayings are in three languages - in Marathi, the regional language of Maharashtra, Hindi, the regional language of a few states in North India, and English, the working language of India. They have apparently been translated into English by someone poor in English because the translations are not proper.

This board says "Deeper the craving, deeper the aversion, deeper the aversion, deeper the affliction".
The Marathi/ Hindi ones make more sense. The Hindi one means "Deeper the anger, deeper the hate, deeper the hate, greater the misery"
Either the words have been lost in translation from Hindi to English, or the translation is very wrong and cannot be understood unless you know Marathi or Hindi.

spiritual saying of Dhamma

This one says in English: Good to have mastery over speech, good to have physical mastery, but one who is the master of his mind is the warrior of courage.
The last bit which says "warrior of courage" makes no sense. A person who does not understand Hindi or Marathi will not understand the English words.
The Hindi and Marathi words actually mean that the person who is the master of his mind is a true warrior.

sayings or quotes of Dhamma

For our own actions, we ourselves are the authors. For our happiness or suffering, we alone are responsible. These words are a better translation because they make sense, but the translation is a poor one. In the first sentence the word "actions" does not match with "authors.' However we do get the meaning.

quotes from the Pagoda

Transform your deeds of body, transform your deeds of speech, transform your mental deeds, this is the essence of Dhamma. Here the word "transform" is an incorrect translation of "Sudhar" which means improvement. Change is a better word than transform, but even the word change is not the correct one. Improve is the correct translation.

spiritual quotes of dhamma

Gandhian principles explained by the Wheel of Life or read Mahatma Gandhi's famous sayings which have been framed and put up at Gandhidham: Mahatma Gandhi quotes

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