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Monday, October 7, 2013

Cooking pizza in a wood fired brick oven in Italy

Pizza has a better flavor when cooked the natural way, in a wood fired brick or stone oven. There are restaurants which specialise in providing pizzas cooked this way. It has a yummy smoky flavor, and the pizza itself is more crisp and crunchy including the toppings, and the crust is also light and fluffy. It is believed that the brick oven cooks very quickly and so the pizza does not become soft.

A thin crust pizza is fairly light in calories, with 1 slice of a 14" pizza (63 gms) is about 192 calories
A regular crust slice of a 14" pizza (107 gms) is about 285 calories, and that is quite high.

A chef or cook placing the pizza in the brick oven.

pizza being placed in wood fired brick oven

Taking out the pizza very gently from the wood fired brick oven.

cooking pizza in a wood fired brick oven by cook

A close up of the inside of the wood fired brick oven. With the fire so close, no wonder the pizza cooks so quickly!

pizza being cooked in a wood fired brick oven

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