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Monday, June 10, 2013

Old Rural Indian Men portraits and expressions

Older people's faces tell us a lot because as they age their expressions get set into their features and you can tell a lot about the personality just from seeing that set expression. You can see this evident in the differing expression of these elderly men.

A slightly impatient look to this man. Impatient but tolerant or stoic. The eyes tell us that he has suffered in his life. This while cap is typical of Maharashtrian rural men or farmers in Maharashtra.

impatient man

A man without much expression on his face. You can tell that he is reserved.

reserved expression

This man smiles easily and does not seem conscious of the camera. You can see his wizened and lined face, years of hard physical labour etched on his face. But he is a happy man despite the hardship.

happy expression

A slightly disheveled old man. His expressions is fairly unconcerned, relaxed, not paying attention. As if he is thinking of something else. He seems to be a person who has distanced himself from life a little for reasons unknown.

careless expression

A happy and smiling old man who has seen much happiness. Contentment and fulfillment is written on this face.

content expression

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  1. Hello,

    May I use the last pic for my painting??

  2. Thank you so much madam .... They are really bold in watercolors..Amazing photographs

  3. Thank you so much madam .... They are really bold in watercolors..Amazing photographs

  4. The last painting which I used with your permission are just for practicing purpose. If you grant me to use the rest, I shall use them for practicing purpose only.



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