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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fruit Vendors vs supermarkets

This is how easy it is for consumers to access produce. Simply walk out of their building and usually they will find some vendor selling fruits or vegetables. They need to do it, as most Indians are poor and do not own personal transport. Or if they do, the expense of gas or petrol pinches their pocket. And these fruit vendors are willing to bargain but there is a catch. If you do not know the current prices you can be taken for a ride. In fact alighting from a car guarantees that the prices will be jacked up.

Here are two women in South India chatting with each other as they sell fresh apples, bananas, tangerines and grapes.  This picture was taken in Madurai.

women fruit vendors in Madurai

All types of fruits can be found on the streets in India, just a short walk away. This includes even produce such as sugarcane which many Indians love to eat raw.  Here is a woman on a Thane's Gokhale Road selling bananas and sugarcane sticks.

fruit vendor selling sugarcane sticks

These fruit vendors line up on the highway to catch customers leaving town. Usually the produce is fresher than what one can get in city markets. These fruits are not cheap, but they are good.

fruit market on highway

Another fruit vendor on a highway. He is selling custard apples and guavas which are bright red from the inside.

fruit vendor selling guavas and custard apples

Here is an antiseptic environment of a supermarket. Fruits and vegetables are stacked in the centre of the room. This photograph was shot in Pune.

fruit and vegetable section of a supermarket in India

The section of a supermarket where fruits and vegetables are sold. Cleaner and as there are fixed prices at least you know that the shop is not cheating you. There is not hassle of bargaining. This photograph is from D-Mart.

fruits and vegetables being sold in supermarket

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