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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Airport Baggage carousel

Here are photographs of a luggage belt (called a baggage carousel) at an airport baggage claims center, with air passengers waiting for their baggage. A view from the top airplane passengers waiting for their luggage on a luggage belt. Large airports all have this system of offloading luggage for the benefit of passengers. This picture is taken at Goa airport.

luggage belt at airport

Most passengers appear to have picked up their luggage, while others are still waiting.
suitcases on luggage belt at airport

This one is an unusual baggage retrieval counter! It is round or circular in shape, and the image is of Koh Samui airport. Being a small airport (Koh Samui is an island off the coast of Thailand) it doesn't need a very large baggage carousel.
circular baggage carousel in Koh Samui

Some food item has spilled on to the luggage belt but no one's complaining!
bags on luggage carousel at airport

Bags lined up in a neat row at the airport baggage claims place.

bags on luggage carousel with waiting passengers

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