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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Healthy snacks

These pictures are from a popular tourist spot - Mahabaleshwar. Tourists throng here to see the sights at the hill station and they also get treated to a lot of snacky food - but snacks like bowls of fresh fruits and vegetables and fresh juice and buttermilk! Not processed food. No sugar laden chemical laden soft drinks and no sandwiches or burgers. Lots of berries, fruits, corn cobs, carrots and lemon juice and butter milk!

These are not markets...but snack joints. Lets hope they stay this way.

A woman vendor in a pink sari boiling corn to serve as a snack to tourists.

Woman vendor selling corn cobs

Lot of berries - black berries, mulberries and strawberries. A man selling lemon juice in the background.

vendors selling fresh fruit and lemon juice

This woman is making fresh buttlermilk to be served up in glasses to drink on a hot day. A healthy and refreshing drink

Buttermilk being made and sold by a vendor

Man selling carrots at mahabaleshwar

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