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Monday, February 24, 2014

Crowds in India

India is the second most populated country in the world, and fast catching up with China. That is perhaps one of the reasons why crowds are seen frequently in India. It doesn't take much to collect a crowd, be it a gathering, a protest, a procession, a celebration, or simply people gawking. In fact, celebrating festivals or private functions in public has become the norm.

Here is a crowd of women at a railway station. They have gathered here for a purpose.

crowd of women at a railway station in India

Rows of people on a Mumbai street. Green banners in Urdu could mean that this procession has a religious meaning regarding Islam for example during a religious festival. At least they are not blocking the road.

Muslims gathered for a religious festival

This photograph depicts a marketplace in an Indian village. People are yet to gather in large crowds. By midday it will be difficult to walk through the crowds.

crowded market place in an Indian village

A crowd collected here because of a road accident. This crowd will only get bigger as an argument is going on. Unless the police are called.

crowd collected near road accident

Crowds at the Mumbai Marathon.

Mumbai marathon crowds

People celebrating a wedding on the streets. Dancing to a band. This is very common in India and often blocks the traffic.

People dancing at a wedding celebration on the road

More images of Bustops in India or crowds of people waiting for a bus without a proper queue:Waiting at a bus stop in India
or Taxis and auto rickshaws crammed with people
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