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Monday, July 8, 2013

Interiors of the Sardar Purandare Wada at Saswad

Here are some photographs of the interior of the Purandare Wada at Saswad. This is an extension of two previous posts - Inside the Sardar Purandare Wada at Saswad and the some exterior images of the Sardar Purandare Wada at Saswad. Saswad is a small historical town near Pune. It has other cultural sites like ancient temples besides this fortress belonging to the Purandare family. Wada is the Marathi name for a large house with a courtyard. Typically, wadas are large and sprawling houses.

This photo was taken right at the entrance, before one enters the courtyard. It is that large area between the outside and the inside. Deliberately kept this way, for safety's sake. Everything is made of stone.

corridor entry to the Purandare wada

Here is a view of the Purandare wada from the inside. It is taken from a first floor window and is a view of the courtyard and the rooms of the upper floors. The walls have since crumbled but as this was how it was built (with rooms on all four sides) one can image the number of rooms and the people who resided here.

courtyard inside the Purandare wada

A closer look at some of the wood pillars, wooden ceiling and the carved wooden decorations adorning the wada.

the rooms at the Purandare wada

A glimpse of some of the ruins inside.

Purandare wada ruins

A narrow staircase inside the wada.
narrow staircase inside the purandare wada

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  1. Respected sir if we want to this wada to whom should we approach for permission and access? We are very much interested to see such old wadas and palaces. Please advice.
    vinayak soman

  2. Hi Vinayak, I am sorry but this is not open to the public.


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