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Monday, February 4, 2013

Plant and Leaf Wallpapers

Here are some wallpapers using plants, flowers and trees. The kind of colors found in nature are of a wide variety and an amazing array of different hues specially when sunlight strikes through. They make for interesting wallpapers for computers and laptops. These have been sized to fit a laptop. All these photos were taken by a normal digital canon ixus camera. Although the camera is not a high end one, the close-ups are not bad.

A moving reflection of a tree in the water. The sky is also reflected in the water. Ripples add to the excitement of this picture. This makes for a soothing light blue and dark green wallpaper.

This is a glimpse through some leaves of different colours. A bright and colorful background and all the colors are natural.

The centre of a dark green plant with long spiky leaves.

These are the colours of the back of a dried leaf.  The main leaf stalk is slightly thick and the veins of the leaf are clearly visible. There are narrow leaf stalks running through the side of the leaf as this leaf is very large. A fine network of the veins of the leaf are visible.

This is the same leaf but I have used photoshop to darken and sharpen it as it makes for a better wallpaper.

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