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Monday, December 30, 2013

A blue Mumbai!

Any Mumbaikar would know the significance of the blue tarp in the life of Mumbai. Poverty and a heavy monsoon ensures that middle class people use this blue tarp to cover their homes and balconies, their vehicles and well, just about everything. This series of little drawings were seen at the SKIN art festival in Mumbai in December 2013 at the Godrej Company.

Drawings of the blue tarp

As this artist Sameer Kulavoor explains it: It is an illustrated documentation of the use of Taad Patri. The second skin of Mumbai

The second skin of mumbai the blue tarp

Cycles, scooters and other vehicles as well as small shops all use the blue tarp.

waterproofing vehicles by the blue tarp

A row of hutments covered with blue tarp.

huts covered by blue tarp

Even buildings are not immune to the blue tarp. They are used to protect water from seeping into the house from the balconies during the heavy rains.

blue tarp covering balconies and a cart

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