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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pesticide Spraying

Pesticide spraying if properly regulated and judiciously used helps crops improve their yield. Pesticides are designed to kill insects, fungus, bacteria and other pests which prey on crops. Unfortunately, the chemical pesticides are toxic chemicals which can affect human health, more so if improperly administered.

Pesticides residue on farming produce is harmful to consumers. Pesticides are also carried in the air, and they mix with water and the soil, which in turn affects livestock and drinking water supplies. It also affects those who actually carry out the work of spraying.

Look at this man, he is not wearing any protective gear while spraying pesticide on the crops. It is likely that he is unaware of the dangers.The toxic chemicals can enter the human body through the skin, eyes, mouth and nose.

man spraying pesticides

The danger from pesticide use is widespread, specially in countries like India where there is greater illiteracy. Farmers often cannot understand the instructions given on the label.

spraying of pesticide in field

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