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Monday, October 22, 2012

Chinese architecture silhouettes

Silhouettes of different examples of the Chinese style of architecture.Chinese architecture has its own unique style and is centuries old, as ancient as Chinese civilisation itself. There is an emphasis on articulation and bilateral symmetry.

This is a silhouette of a rather staid and normal building on the outskirts of Beijing.

building in China

A simple black and white silhouette of a few buildings in the Forbidden City complex.
black and white silhouette

Another main building in the Forbidden City complex.
silhouette of chinise building

A black and white silhouette of the Temple of Heavan in China.
black and white silhouette of the Temple of Heavan

A silhouette of a shopping complex in Lu Garden in Shanghai.
silhouette of a chinese building

A silhouette of a small temple like structure inside a large temple complex. The intricacy of the decorate work on the doors and windows has been highlighted.
temple silhouette

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