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Friday, January 21, 2011

Elephants on the streets of India

While India is not about elephants and snake charmers, it is not unusual to see elephants on highways, or city streets. Tame elephants often roam the streets with their caretakers, and mostly these elephants belong to the circus and have private owners. The elephants are not a hazard to people, although they often obstruct traffic.

This is a picture showing an elephant walking steadily on a busy street, making its way carefully between a parked bus and a hand-cart. The bus-driver is standing casually at the door.

elephant on busy road

The elephant is marching on and this view is from the back. There are two buses in the picture and the elephant is walking on the side of the road.
elephant walking on side of road

The image below captures the elephant at close range. The mahout is perched on top, a stick in his hand. A man on the road is fondling the trunk of the elephant.

man touching elephant trunk

This photo below was clicked on the Mumbai-Pune highway, near Belapur, from a car. This elephant looks younger than the one in the previous pictures.

elephant with mahout on highway

The next two pictures were shot in Thane city, near the railway station. The mahout is sitting on top of the elephant who is eating something lying on the road. They look like corn peels.

elephant eating corn peels on road

elephant eating corn peels

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