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Monday, December 16, 2013

African orgin tribe of Gujarat the Siddi

The Siddi or the Siddhi are people of African origin, primarily from South East Africa who migrated to the Indian subcontinent almost 2000 years ago. They are thought to descend from the Bantu people. They did not arrive in the Indian subcontinent of their own free will, but were brought as slaves by Arab and Portuguese merchants. This ethnic group can be found in Karnataka and Gujarat and some are also believed to be in Karachi, Pakistan. They are Sufi Muslims although some groups have converted to either Christianity or Hinduism.

From the maternal side, the Siddi peoples have mixed blood, mainly Indian. This intermingling of blood is believed to have happened in the last 200-300 years.

These are pictures of the Siddhi tribe from Gujarat, India. They are performing a tribal dance.

Siddhi tribals

Two brightly painted faces.

Siddi faces

The Siddi dancing around the fire.

Siddi dance

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