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Monday, December 2, 2013

Dragon flies

Dragonflies have large rolling eyes, transparent wings and a long body. Their wing movement is incredibly fast, and are one of the fastest flying insects found. They are a predator insects good to have around because they eat pests like mosquitoes and ants. If you find that you are being innundated with ants and mosquitoes like all of us urban people, then blame the absence of the beautiful dragonflies. They are the most amazing creatures, because their design enables them to fly in all directions including in reverse!

Unfortunately they cannot survive in an urban environment as they are aquatic and need fresh water bodies around.

Those large pink blobs are its eyes. These huge eyes help them see in all directions. Although changing colour is not part of its camouflage technique, the dragonflies I found were hardly visible in the backdrop of the leaves and brush and the trees on which they were seen. Look at this golden one hardly visible to be naked eye in the bright sunlight. Its eyes appeared to be spots on the leaves, and its body a glint from the sun. These dragonflies have bodies which are barely 2-3 inches and are not easily seen if they are still.

gold dragonfly on leaf

I mistook this red dragonfyl for a pretty flower until I zoomed in with my telephoto lens.

red dragonfly on plant

This dragonfly has a yellow and black striped body and it merges with the dried grass and leaves in the background. Whether or not dragonflies change colour, they certainly know which area to hang around in! The large pink round orbs are the eyes and this dragonfly has a smile on its face!

yellow striped dragonfly

A clearer picture of this beautiful yellow and black dragonfly. It's body reminds one of the stalk of a sugarcane plant! The straw and grass in the background merges perfectly well with the tiny body of this dragonfly making it very difficult to see in the brush.

yellow and black striped dragonfly on the grass

The back of a dragonfly with turquoise blue netted wings. The wings of dragonflies are amazing, delicated netted things which move faster than the eye can see.

Turquoise blue dragonfly

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