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Monday, March 17, 2014

Hand Pulled Rickshaw Drivers Portraits

Business is not always good in Matheran, especially during the off season. Here are photographs of rickshaw drivers waiting for fares. Motorized vehicles are not allowed in the hill station of Matheran in Maharashtra, India. These men pull these rickshaws with their bare hands.
These are hand-pulled rickshaws found in various parts of the country even now.

Bored but alert.

Cycle Rickshaw Drivers in Matheran

Staring thoughtfully at the camera.

Rickshaw driver in Matheran in India

Wondering why his picture was being taken.

Cycle Rickshaw Driver waiting for a fare

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  1. In some towns there used to be no cycle The human beings pulled the 'vehicle' At some point [I think it was mid-1980's] a reporter found that they suffered from tuberculosis.
    Stock Pictures may want to check out Mussourie. During my visits to the an academy there I found tourists piling huge suitcase - 2- or 3 on the back of the coolies. Since my talk was at the training institute for IAS (top civil service of India) I raised the issue and asked how can the academy and the course learners be sensitised to issues public service if everyone turns blind eye to the horrible exploitation. Child labour too was employed at construction there. In the bitter cold the workers were not given a cup of tea at least once. The workers with cement bags on back climbed from the godown to the site.Do you know who was the Director of the Academy then Yugandhar!!! Celebrated as pro-downtrodden which 'quality' gets mentioned in his sons' intros. As Yugandhar was out I took up the issue with Dy Director. the DD" WIFE came to me and fumed "There is injustice throughout this country. Do you have to raise the issue here? I also wrote about it Y's mentor Shankaran. Needless to say NONE of the visiting guest faculties had problems with the exploitation. More importantly they did not want to be off the academy list and tahe detail out of their biodata.

  2. Thank you for your comment Sheela and I have actually posted more photos of hand pulled rickshaws here:
    Will add the link in the post.

  3. In fact I had made a mistake in labeling this post, which I have now corrected.


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