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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cloth and Textile Market in Ahmedabad old city

These are photographs of the famous cloth and textile market of Ahmedabad where you get cottons, dress material, linen or sarees at reasonable prices. The rates are low as many wholesalers and cloth merchants operate from here. Embroidery work is also available. The sights are quite colourful due to the wide variety of typical Gujarati cottons available here. Many small businesses pick up their material from here.

This is a small lane which winds it way through this old city market in Ahmedabad. Easy to get lost here. A worker at one of the stores is carrying bales of cloth on his shoulders to another storage place or perhaps another shop.

lane inside ahmedabad cloth market

A salesman is folding the material after customers have left the shop. He has a lot of work to do as reams of dress material is lying on the floor, and some has spilled on to the road.
Cloth salesman at work in shop

Here is another cloth merchant in his shop, folding dress material. The shop also sells sarees which are hanging on hangers to the right of the image. Some duppattas decorate the right side of the shop.
Cloth merchant in shop in market

A cloth salesman hard at work folding material which the customers have just seen.

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