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Friday, October 7, 2011

Winery Pictures

These are photographs of a wine-making factory, the Sula winery in Nasik, Maharashtra India. The process of making wine involves the fermentation of grapes, and then blending and aging of the juice. These particular photographs are of the Sula Winery at Nashik. The grapes used are from the vineyards owned by the winery.

Here is a glimpse of inside the winery. It is in these massive steel containers that the crushed grapes are kept for several weeks until they ferment the right way. It was interesting to find out that grapes are never washed before they go into the fermentation process. They say that they are clean and that the pesticide is never used before the plucking, but living in India I have my doubts.
grape juice fermentation

A closer look at the huge steel drums where the crushed grapes are stored until they ferment.

This is the place where the wine is bottled after being blended. The blending process is as important as the fermentation as different blends are what make each wine distinct. These machines are very large and the figures of the workers can be seen here near the machine, supervising the automated process. Hygiene is maintained by using caps and gloves although the wine is not handled directly.
wine being bottled

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