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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Li River in China

The Li or Lijiang River in Guangxi Zhuang in China winds through peculiar shaped mountains or perhaps you can call them hills, the kind you have never seen before. They are like cones or tubes or in some cases like sand dunes! The cruise along the Li River is popular with tourists. These green hills make a very picturesque sight.

Here is a small boat laden with tourists winding its way along the Li River. The green rocky cone shaped hills are in the background.

Tourist boat on the river Li

Some of the hills are like pointed cones. Trees line the narrow beach along the river Li.

Cone shaped green hills on the River Li

Some of these rocky hills have been given different names in Chinese because of their weird shapes.

close up of the rocky hills on the River Li in China

A long shot of the Li river. The river, the beach, the boat and the hills.

A picturesque scene of the River Li

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