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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Plucking coconuts

They climb trees faster than you can blink and bring down a volley of coconuts, with nothing but a sickle in their hands and some rope tied to their feet.

Here is a man smiling at the bottom of the coconut tree. Some of the coconuts with their thick green covering are lying on the ground. He has already plucked them from other trees. Quite a good catch!

man ready to climb up a coconut tree

The man is almost there, heading straight towards the bunch of coconuts.

man climbing a coconut tree

Here is the man in the thick of the coconut tree's branches and cutting the coconuts from the tree.

man in the branches of a coconut tree cutting coconuts

The wiry and muscled man is sprinting down the tree as easily as we would walk. He is using a rope which binds his legs together and gives him support as he slides down smoothly.

man climbing down a coconut tree


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