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Monday, March 11, 2013

Nature Scenes from Switzerland

Switzerland at the end of Autumn has different colours and spectacular beauty. The mountains are mostly green and thick with fir, and the mountains are snow-capped.

A shot taken from one of the cable cars going up to see the snow clad mountains in Switzerland. The contrast in the scenes is amazing. The bluish tint of the far off mountains and the dark green of the fir trees on the mountainside in the foreground. Also the lush green grass which cattle is feeding on. The cows are brown in color.

Swiss hillside with cattle

One of my favourite photographs of the Swiss mountains. The multi-colored Alps in the background with the lush green fir trees forming the background. The trees too have different hues, like they have at the tail end of Autumn.

the beauty of the mysterious swiss alps

A Swiss village. In the foreground of brown and white cobble stoned houses there is a small road running through. A small mountain with fir and snow forms the background of the picture.

pretty Swiss village

A valley in the Swiss Alps with the clouds swirling in the background inbetween the mountains. The grass is like velvet.

Lush and green alpine valley

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