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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Snow and Ice on Mountains

These are close ups of the picturesque Ladakh mountains with snow and ice. The contrasting colours in these scenes make them a real treat for the eye.
In this picture you can see large boulders. In between them is a frozen stream. In the background is a mountain with melting snow and a deep blue sky. The different colors in this photo range from a deep blue to white. There is also the translucent colour of the frozen waters against the steel gray of the boulders and darker hues of the gravel on the mountains.
nature scene of mountains and melting snow

Here is the melting snow coming down like streams down the crevices of a mountain top.
snow in stripes coming down a mountain

A sheet of white snow clothing a mountain slope.
mountain top covered in a sheet of snow

Gray sands and dark mountains against a blue sky.
pretty scene of sands and the mountains

Marshy land, frozen rivers, gray sands, dark mountains,blue skies and white clouds.
colourful scene of mountains and frozen rivers

(Larger images of these are available with me)
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