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Monday, March 19, 2012

How to make paan in pictures

Paan is made of different flavourings inside a rolled betel leaf. These flavourings consist of  finely chopped betel nut, slaked lime paste and saffron, spices and gulkand are used. This is considered "a breath freshener, and for better digestion. 

This picture shows a man lathering a paste on to the betel leaf with his hand.

man making paan

It can be a little messy doing it by one's hand.

close-up of a man flavouring a paan

A brush can be used too, for hygienic purposes.

man making paan using a brush

Chopped supari or betel nut alongwith condiments and spices is put on the leaf.

paan maker adding spices to a betel nut leaf

The paan is being rolled up to serve customers.

the paan is ready after being rolled

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