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Monday, March 2, 2015

MRT stations of Singapore

The stations where the 27 year old underground train system, called the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) are spic and span, and modern. The MRT itself spans the whole of Singapore. 2.755 million commuters ride the MRT daily (2013 statistics) and the the MRT network comprises of 152.9 kilometres (95.0 miles) of route, with 113 stations on standard gauge.

Escalator taking you down into the underground rail network

Escalator MRT

The steel gates which open once you swipe your ticket.

MRT station

The broad and clean corridors connecting different platforms.

MRT corridor

The platform with neatly marked arrows telling you where to stand. The read arrows are for people who are waiting to get on. The green one marks a path for those who get down from the train.

MRT Platform

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