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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Should you take Multi Vitamins and Mineral tablets?

There has been a lot of discussion as to whether multi vitamins and multi minerals should be taken regularly. Latest research seems to suggest that they are not necessary, and even harmful for healthy people. This is misleading. What is required is an intelligent approach. Taking them blindly can indeed be harmful.

Why they should be taken:

1) Everyone does not have a good diet.
2) Some high stressed and active individuals may need the supplements. Also the elderly and those who smoke, drink alcohol etc.

These multi vitamin supplements should be taken with the following precautions:

1) Read labels so that you do not over dose. For example the human body cannot ingest more than 600 mg of calcium at a time so what is the point of over loading the body with a 1000 mg tablet at one go? And if you have some natural calcium in your diet why do you need to take the amount you are taking?

2) The vitamin and mineral dosages do not take into consideration that you may be getting some of the stuff from natural sources. So taking half the tablet at a time makes sense. Or perhaps twice week. Supradyn for example has far too much of certain vitamins and that is why you will be over dosing if you take it everyday. Also, formulations are wrong and skewed in many cases. So read the labels and find out what your body needs according to your age and lifestyle and what your diet is all about.
Yes, a doctor should tell you this but they vulnerable to marketing by pharma companies. Don't trust your doctor to give you the right brand name. Asking him for advise in this matter is also fruitless as they will spout out some known brands. Do the research yourself.

Multi vitamins and multi minerals

These are imported health supplements in bottles. The tablets at the bottom is not a supplement but a medicine.

Multi vitamins and multi mineral and calcium tablets

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