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Monday, December 24, 2012

Industrialisation urbanisation and nature

Industrialisation is a necessary evil, and it has extracted a heavy price - pollution of the earth and its beauty. These images bring out the contrast between development polluting the beauty of nature.

Factories may be necessary but they leave a trail of destruction and the uglification of the earth and nature. This is a factory spewing its dirty black smoke and polluting the air not to mention ruining the scenery.

factory spewing smoke in the country-side

This symbolizes how a green landscape is falling prey to builder lobbies. The patch of green left inbetween buildings is now being developed to host commercial complexes and apartment buildings.

construction in green belt

Bill boards and hoardings may be necessary, but certainly not in places where they destroy the landscape. This ugly hoarding ruins the green look of the hills. Companies should be more conscious of where they put their advertisements.

ugly hoarding on a green hill

High rises are coming up everywhere, ruining the view. Soon when we talk of the "view" we will mean the view of the urban jungle.

urban buildings against a background of hills

Another ugly hoarding standing in contrast to the greenness of nature.

ugly billboard against a backdrop of a nature scene

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