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Monday, November 3, 2014

Cambodian Sticky Rice street food

Sticky Rice is a popular snack found on the roads in Cambodia. Healthy and tasty, it costs only about 1500 Riels, which amounts to less than half a US dollar. A small amount of raw rice mixed with condiments like a few black beans, sugar and coconut with a little salt is stuffed into a bamboo container as shown below. Then it is sealed with a few thick strands of soft bamboo, before being cooked on a slow fire.

Cambodian rice seller

Sticky Rice in Bamboo being cooked on a slow wood fire. It can take several hours.

Sticky Rice

The seal is then removed and the sides of the bamboo is peeled slowly, revealing the sticky and very tasty, smoky rice.

Rice seller in Cambodia

These are on sales on the streets and highways and is a healthy and economical snack.

Sticky Rice in bamboo

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